With Xtrude you can practice any activity.
It tolerates water, sweat, high temperatures. You can play sports, swim in the pool, take a hot shower, take a sauna… but you must know that these activities could limit the adhesion time and modify the surface colouring.
It is able to adhere for about ten days, but we recommend carrying out the following operations every 4-5 days for hygienic reasons and to avoid an increase in the bacterial load which can cause itching.

ROUTINE FOR CORRECT MAINTENANCE: Cleansing and re- application.

Remove the prosthesis with the remover (also known as CLEAN).
Start with the slightly raised flap, apply a few drops at a time until the prosthesis is completely detached. Place the device on a flat surface with the nipple facing down.
Use the Clean to cleanse the skin and to remove any traces of the product, then pass a cotton pad with very little alcohol over the skin to degrease the area well and make a new adhesion easier.

Apply the adhesive product to the skin with a small brush along the perimeter of the prosthesis, you don’t need to put it in the innermost part. Place the prosthesis in the point identified by the operator, press with your hand from bottom to top. The prosthesis is now firmly in place.
The following day you may see traces of adhesive along the edge of the prosthesis which tends to darken. Use the Remover to remove excess product with a cotton swab, but stay away from the prosthesis. You can also use the Remover to clean the brush used to apply the adhesive.

Each Xtrude product is a unique piece that comes from an artistic work by the operator. So, when there’s a unilateral mastectomy, there may be differences in both shape and color between the prosthesis and the real areola/nipple complex.
Furthermore, you must keep in mind that the areola/nipple complex can change both in shape and in color for various reasons such as: temperature, time slots, blood circulation, exposure to the sun, external stresses, etc… Therefore the similarity of an Xtrude prosthesis and its related areola/nipple complex may decrease in some circumstances.
These discrepancies should not cause discomfort for the Xtrude’s user because everybody knows that a woman’s breasts often have completely natural asymmetries.

The transparent silicone flap of an Xtrude prosthesis may be more or less visible, this depends on the thickness that the operator chooses to create. A greater thickness, even if it is more visible, guarantees greater durability and resistance in use. A smaller and thinner thickness will be difficult to notice, it will almost disappear, but will have a greater fragility and therefore can break more easily during the removal and installation phases. We recommend to agree with the operator on the best solution for the customer’s requests.

After 3-4 days you may feel a little itchy. We recommend to remove the prosthesis and apply it again not before than 24 hours. In these cases it may be useful to remove and cleanse the skin, following the procedure indicated above, more frequently.
If the discomfort persists, contact the operator to evaluate the change of the adhesive.

Use adhesive sparingly. The adhesion strength of the product decreases as the amount of product used increases: the less product you apply, the more the prosthesis adheres.
The adhesive may be flammable, we recommend keeping it away from heat sources.
If in doubt, contact your operator.